Okay. So you've been checking out your website and it's feeling a bit meh.


I mean it’s not awful, but it’s just not screaming you right?


It’s totally fine, when you first started out you loved your site (or maybe even then it was just a placeholder for when you "really" got your website done), but now you’ve realized that it’s time to step it up and get a site you LOVE.

But it’s not like you have all the time in the world to do it yourself, keep up with social media, connect with new leads and current clients, manage financial and legal stuff, AND do what you actually do for your business.


I know it can be overwhelming thinking about updating your website, but guess what...


It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to get a new website. It can actually be (dare I say) fun?.


I mean think about it - you could try and do it all on your own, taking time away from what you love and still not ending up loving your website.

Or… we could work together to create a website that not only fits your branding to a T, but directs your clients exactly where you want them to go. And bonus—it’ll also repel those who don’t fit your ideal client.


What else do you get when you hire someone to do it for you?

  • An updated portfolio that showcases your gorgeous work

  • A contact form that links to your CRM (like Dubsado or 17Hats)

  • Customized subscribe form to build your email list

  • A well-planned site that guides your clients through your website

  • Custom training to make updating your website a breeze


Oh! And you get a biz bestie cheering you on because’re pretty amazing!

8-Weeks to Launch

What's Included?

  • Coming soon landing page to capture leads and gain new social media followers

  • Custom + responsive website with Squarespace (includes up to 8 pages)

  • Website planning workbook

  • Basic SEO to make your site loved by Google

  • Custom buttons and graphics for a site that’s unique to your brand

  • Gallery set up (incl. 3 galleries with up to 12 images per gallery with SEO)

  • Website brand guide (incl. font hierarchy, color palette and more)


PLUS, you’ll also get:

  • A business and systems strategy consultation call to optimize your contact forms and more

  • 30 days post-launch support

  • Custom training videos so you can update your site easily


Your Investment


25% required upfront as a nonrefundable deposit
50% due half-way through the process
25% due before the launch


Need a little more?
Check out these website upgrades to give your site an even bigger boost.

website upgrades


Additional Pages
$200 per page

Additional gallery
Incl. 12 optimized images & SEO

Website Maintenance
Incl. 5 hours of post-launch maintenance

Lead Capture Form Setup

Email Marketing Account Setup
Incl. account creation, set up of 2 lists & 1 form


How does it work?

01 | PREP

Before we dive into your website, you’ll receive a planning workbook with homework that’ll help us plan your website and your goals.


We'll hop on a kick-off call to go over your homework, inspiration, and goals to make sure we're on the same page. By the end of the week I'll get started on the design process.


This whole week is dedicated to working on the design for your site. During this time you’ll finish collecting all of your content and setting up any new email marketing or social media accounts.



Alrighty! All of your content (images and text) for your site will be due at the beginning of the week. We'll then hop on a quick call to go over any loose ends or major questions.


During this week I'll be adding your content to your site and making sure everything looks and works perfectly!


Get ready to launch! This is the final week where we'll hop on a call go through the entire site to make sure it's exactly what you want, then we'll have a brief training session where you can ask any questions about updating the site and future additions you may want to make to the site on your own.

A few of my favorite sites

What others have asked

What do you mean by “custom buttons and graphics”?

Based on your branding (fonts, colors, graphics, etc) I like to design graphics for websites so that your branding flows smoothly onto your website. Many times buttons that come in templates don't fit the style of your brand, causing them to stand out (in the wrong way). By designing custom buttons and graphics it not only helps to take away the cookie-cutter template feel, but also ensures that your brand's personality shines through.

Is copywriting included?

Currently copywriting is not included, however I do look at all content to make sure it's strong enough to capture your audience's attention and cause them to take action. In the onboarding phase of your project I will look over your current site and make notes as to what changes could be made. Copywriting is such an important part of your site, which is why I do encourage my clients to hire a copywriter so that they can have the best conversions. During the design phase you'll be shown the new layout of your site which will help you determine how much content you'll need on your site (calls to action, buttons, headers, etc.) - if you feel that you don't currently have enough content on your site we can talk about working on that together (for an additional fee), or I can suggest a copywriter you can hire.

What else do I need to do before the project start date?

One of the biggest pieces of homework you will have (and may already have completed!) is to purchase a domain name and a hosting plan before our project start date. If you need help figuring out who to use let me know and I can recommend several sites to check out. Before the project start date you'll also have homework to work on - a Website Planning Workbook and secret Pinterest board. I recommend that you add in 2 weeks before your project start date to work on your workbook as there is a lot of content that will not only help with the design of your website, but there may be questions in there about your business that you haven't yet taken time to define (i.e. mission statement). While your content isn't due until half-way through the project, I do recommend adding some extra time in before the start date so that you don't feel rushed to complete your homework.

Do your rates include the native/working files?

No. There are several reasons for this, including licensing restrictions on stock, fonts and other resources. If you would like the native files I can send you links to the fonts and other resources used in your project for purchase. There are some projects where the source (native) files may be included or they may be available for purchase. If you're interested in receiving the original files please let me know and we'll see what we can do. Read this article on copyrights + native files.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are only ever additional charges made if any premium features will be needed for your website. Premium features may include images, fonts, plugins, templates. licenses or copywriting. If you’re using Wordpress please note that the theme is not included in the package rates above. Any and all purchases will be discussed before purchasing. send us a message and we can see if we have any last minute availability.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love answering questions! Send an email over to with any questions you have.


Ready to check “new website” off your to-do list?