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Your business is growing and you’re starting to get a bit overwhelmed keeping up with everything.


You just don’t have time to do everything as a solopreneur



It may be time to start hiring out if...

you’re struggling to keep up with emails

it’s taking you longer to get back to clients

you want to learn new things to improve your business but don't have time

you haven’t updated your website in like foreverrr

you haven’t sent out an email to your subscribers recently

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Let’s get you back to focusing on growing your business and giving your clients an amazing experience!


Raise your hand if you're putting off things like…

  • organizing your inbox so you can actually find that one email you were sent a month ago

  • planning and actually implementing a system to organize all your clients and new leads

  • setting up workflows and automations to make your life and biz easier

  • editing and scheduling blog posts

  • setting up new programs for your business

  • anything else that’d help you get out of the weeds and back to what you actually want to be doing

  • taking that podcast and turning it into a blog post


Introducing a when-you-need-it virtual assistant service so you can start knocking out those tasks that have been hanging out on your to-do list for just a little too long.

What's Included?

5 hours of VA work

A kick-off call to get us started

Unlimited email support


PLUS, you’ll also get:

one (1) 60-minute a strategy session to optimize the systems in your business

a biz bestie cheering you on because well, you’re pretty amazing!

What kind of things could I hire you to do?


Email Newsletters
Design basic graphics
Subscriber management
Email scheduling
Welcome sequence setup


Content Management
Transcribing podcasts into blog posts

Email Inbox Management
Categorizing + filtering emails
Forwarding on or replying to emails
Canned email creation

Calendar management
Online scheduler account setup
Appointment management


Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Canned email creation
Client migration/input into CRM
Input and setup of forms/contracts/proposals/questionnaires
Assistance streamlining workflows

Project Management Software (PMS)
Basic training of system (Asana, Trello, Basecamp)
Project/Template Setup


Your Investment


Includes 5 hours of work*

Boom. We’re already crossing stuff off your to-do list!

*Hours expire after 1 year


Looking for more hours?
Check out these additional VA packages to give you an even bigger boost.

virtual assistant packages


15 hours

1 60-minute onboarding call
2 60-minute support/check-in calls
Hours expire after 1 year


30 hours

1 60-minute onboarding call
2 weekly 30-minute support/check-in calls
Unused hours do not roll over each month



How does it work?

01 | PREP

Before I start as your VA, you’ll receive a VA workbook that’ll help me learn more about your business and the exact tasks you’d like me to do for you.


We'll hop on a kick-off call to go over your workbook to make sure we're on the same page. I’ll also introduce you to the Project Management system that I use (if you don’t currently use one) so that you can quickly assign me tasks and keep us out of our inboxes.

03 | GO

Now that we’ve talked about what you want me to do, it’s time for me to get to it! As you need me to do things, you can assign me tasks to complete—and off we go to crushing your to-do list!

What others have asked

What if I’ve never hired a VA before?

No problem! I’m here to answer any and all questions you have before we even get started! Hiring your first VA is a big deal, so I don’t want you to rush into anything without having all of your questions answered. If you aren’t quite sure yet what you want to hand off we can hop on a consultation call and figure it out together. With a consultation call we can talk about what tasks have been stuck on your to-do list, tasks or projects coming up you want help with, or even just someone to help get that crazy inbox of yours under control.

I’m not sure how many hours I need to start with...what do you normally suggest?

Although it does depend on what tasks you’re looking to pass off—I would suggest starting with the base package of 5 hours. The more time-intensive tasks you have, the more time it will take me. The best thing about this package is that the hours don’t expire for one year! So if you’ve got a couple of things for me to do in the beginning that don’t take much time then you’ve still got one year from purchasing the package to send me tasks—this is great for if you’ve got to go on vacation and need someone to post to social media for you, manage your inbox or other tasks while you’re happily taking time off.

How do I give you tasks to do?

I use a wonderful project management system, Asana, with all of my clients. It easily allows us to assign tasks with deadlines, send files, and even have conversations within the program so that we can stay out of our inboxes! Once you’ve signed the contract and paid your invoice you’ll receive a welcome email that introduces you to Asana—we’ll also go over in more detail how to use Asana in our kick-off call.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love answering questions! Send an email over to with any questions you have.


Ready to check “get help” off your to-do list?


Rates and services subject to change