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So your site’s not quite what you’d dream it could be…I mean it’s not awful, but it’s not quite right?

It’s totally fine, when you first started out you loved your site, but you’ve realized that it’s time to step it up and have a site you love. But it’s not like you have all the time in the world to do all that, keep up on social media, connect with new leads and current clients, manage financial and legal stuff, plus what you actually do for your business.

I know it can be overwhelming trying to update your own site, but guess what…

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming getting a new site. Actually, you could have a brand new website within 8 weeks. Want to see how we’ll get it done that fast? Check out my process calendar here.

Let’s hop on a call and see how we can get your site the way you dream it could be.

Investment starts at $1600



  • Coming soon landing page

  • Custom + responsive website with Squarespace (includes up to 8 pages)

  • Website planning workbook

  • Basic SEO to make your site loved by Google

  • Gallery (3 galleries with 15 images) or shop set up (10 products)

  • Website brand guide

  • 1 blog post graphic template

  • 10 days post-launch support

  • Custom training videos



How does it work?


01 | Make it official

To start, we’ll hop on a discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit, if we are I’ll send over a proposal. Once you’ve accepted the proposal you’ll sign a contract and pay a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in my calendar.

02 | Prep

At least 2 weeks before your official start date you’ll be given homework to complete. This includes a questionnaire, content workbook, and details on creating an inspiration board on Pinterest. These tasks help me understand your brands needs.

03 | Strategy + Kickoff

During the first week your homework will be due, along with the next 25% of your invoice. In this week I’ll design your site map and review your homework so when we hop on our first call I can make sure we’re on the same page.


04 | design

From here I’ll design a mockup of your website, and once the refinements have been made, I’ll move into designing the whole site in Squarespace.

05 | refine

Rather than giving you a set number of rounds for revisions, you’ll have an entire week to send as many edits with me making those edits and sending the design back ASAP so you can continue reviewing and sending revisions.

06 | Launch

Depending on if you started your site in Squarespace or are transferring from another platform (like Wordpress), you’ll receive domain prep/transfer information so that we can make your launch as smooth and successful as possible. You’ll have 10 days from Launch Day to let me know of any bugs or minor edits that need to be made to your site.



What others have asked

+ How do you make each Squarespace website custom?

Great question! While I do have a base style I design all of my sites around, I fully customize each site based on my clients needs, branding, and inspiration sites. Depending on what your branding is, I can design graphics, patterns, and buttons to help make your website stand out and not feel cookie-cutter. By designing custom buttons and graphics it not only helps take away any template feel, but also ensures that your brand’s personality shines through.

I also do add coding to get your site designed the way you dreamed it would look. While I do add coding to each site, I make it so that your website is easy to edit and update without the fear of breaking it.

+ Is copywriting included?

Copywriting isn’t included, but I do look over all your content to make sure it’s strong enough to capture your audience’s attention and cause them to take action. In the onboarding phase of your project I’ll be looking over your current site (if any) to make note of changes I’d recommend.

Because copywriting is such a crucial aspect of your site, I do encourage all clients to hire a copywriter so they can have the best conversions. If you need suggestions for a copywriter, let me know I can suggest a few!

+ What do I need to do before the project start date?

One of the first things you’ll need is a domain name. If you want to be able to direct people to email you, follow you on social media or sign up for your email list while we’re designing your new site, then you’ll need to have this before we start.

One of the perks to hiring me is that I’m a Squarespace Circle Member. This means that we have a longer trial period for designing your site and you get 20% off your first annual Squarespace subscription! To get 20% off this will need to be a new Squarespace account created through me - I’ll create the account and then when we’re ready to put your coming soon landing page up, you can upgrade your account to a paid business account and pay 20% less than normal!

+ How soon can we start?

Before we can get started on your project you’ll need to complete some homework. I recommend giving yourself 2 weeks to complete everything before we get started as there’s a fair bit of work you’ll want to take your time on. While all of your website copy and images aren’t due until the end of Week 2, you will want to give yourself as much time before that date as possible so you can book and receive your copy and images back from any copywriters or photographers you hire.

+ Do your rates include the native/working files?

Yes and no. There are several reasons for this, including licensing restrictions on fonts, images and other design resources. The working files for any designs created for your website are included in the final files delivered to you.

When it comes to fonts as often as I can, I use the native Squarespace and Google fonts. If you need a custom font for your project, you will need to purchase the font with the appropriate licensing. For images I have several recommendations for free stock photos as well as photos you’ll want to purchase. Let me know if you need help with images and I’ll send you my recommendations based on your industry/niche.

+ Are there any additional fees?

If you are wanting anything in addition to what is included in your website package (additional pages, email marketing account setup, shop product PDF design, opt in design, etc.) I can send a quote and invoice for them. There is a chance depending on the additions needed that our timeline will be shifted in order to get everything completed.

Here are some additional purchases you may want to consider: custom fonts, stock photos, brand photoshoot, copywriting, Squarespace hosting, Gsuite account (to create an email account using your domain name).

+ I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love answering questions! Send an email over to with any questions you have.


Kind Words 

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