Looking for a brand photographer or stock photos?

Meet Ingrid.


I met Ingrid through the online community, Launch Brand Grow, where we became biz besties. Ingrid is an amazing person who not only is a brand and stock photographer, but also is a brand and Showit designer at Penguin Designing.

During a workcation retreat in Phoenix, I had the opportunity to get a mini-headshot photoshoot done with the amazing Ingrid over at Atelier21 Co.

The best part about hiring Ingrid?

She travels.

If you’re not ready for the in-person brand photoshoot just yet, but you do need stock photos hop over to her stock photo membership site where you’ll find the most diverse stock photos out there for entrepreneurs. And even better is she asks her members what types of photoshoots she should do next — which means if you don’t see something yet in there she’s probably working on it!