I can't say enough how grateful I am to the talented photographers who have captured me and the work of Lux + Vita, and have graciously shared their images with me for the website and marketing. - Liz


AB Photography

Hey I'm Abby Blake, a small town New Hampshire photographer who adores intimate weddings and elopements. Wicked obsessed with nature, horses, cats and coffee.

What about my photography style you ask? While I love the candid moments and natural light, I truly thrive on the interaction. It's my goal to make your photography session an experience. I want you and your partner to see new places, experience true emotion, reminisce on sweet memories and spend tons of time in each other's arms. I want to get to know you and the heart behind your love story so that it can be captured and made a tangible memory to have forever.

Remember When, By Ceci

Nothing lasts forever: people, things, money, belongings, styles... But we want those special moments in life to feel fresh every time we reminisce. We want to share them with our grandchildren and friends, because we feel like they are worth passing down.

Pictures are tender, special, and unique. Due to the loss of my precious mother, pictures mean more than anything to me. It's the only thing left we have of her beside her amazing legacy.

They can take me back in time, they can bring a smile or a good cry, and they can be shown to my future children. Pictures really do say a thousand words, and make you think...hey, remember when...

Stock photography by Twigy Posts