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Operations + Business Management

Your business is growing and you’re ready to go to the next level, but you’re still stuck doing some of the day to day management and it’s holding you back from getting there. Whether you’re focusing on serving clients or moving towards courses and passive income, hiring an OBM (online business manager) means…

  • A sounding board for potential service or upcoming projects

  • Someone to help take your big picture goals and turn them into actionable steps

  • No more on boarding and off boarding clients, you finally get to focus on the actual job rather than the admin side of it

  • Someone to keep track of where you and your team are at in any project and make sure everyone is on schedule and within scope

  • An elevated experience for your clients

  • Someone to create, implement, and manage systems that will serve you and your clients well

  • A safe space to not have everything in your head

Retainer starts at $850/month



  • Operations management

  • Systems setup + clean up

  • Workflow setup + clean up

  • Day-to-day operations management

  • Client management

  • Client onboarding/off boarding

  • Weekly progress tracking + updates

  • Check-in calls

  • Project management + planning



+ What do you typically do with clients?

Great question! Based on the type of work my client does it depends, but here are a couple things I’ve done:

  • Review current processes and workflows then make slight changes or additions then implement them in my clients’ CRM or PMS.
  • Onboard and offboard clients, allowing my client to focus on the project itself and not the boring admin details.
  • Send project updates to clients letting them know what is happening in the upcoming week, what’s due, or reminding them there’s a call scheduled.
  • Be ‘the bad guy’ and let clients know when they’re going out of project scope, missed deadlines or payments. Essentially allowing you to put aside the emotion of having to respond to difficult situations/clients and have me be the enforcer.

+ Is it okay if I’m not organized yet?

Absolutely! I'd love working with you whether you're organized or not. I always start with an assessment of what you have, what you like and don't like about what you have, and then move onto what it is you need #judgementfreezone.

+ What’s the difference between an OBM, a project manager, and a VA?

While it depends on the person and the skills they bring to the table, there are some big differences between the three.

A VA provides basic task support — they recieve the task and complete it, they don't typically strategize or oversee projects. They are the task-doers and know less about the workings of your business.

A PM (project manager) oversees specific projects. They are less in the business as a whole and may have tasks such as onboarding and offboarding clients, maintaining communication between the client and the design team. They generally only have access to the client side of your business, or the projects they have, such as launches.

An OBM provides wholistic support for your business. They are the strategists, give oversight, and can implement the strategies created for various goals and projects. They support the day-to-day operations of a business, make sure that all projects and goals are on schedule, and adjust as needed. OBM's are your right-hand person who knows the ins and outs of your business.

+ Do I have to use the programs you use?

Not at all! I happen to use and love Dubsado (CRM) and Asana (PMS) but have also used ClickUp (PMS). I would rather use a system you love and understand than one that I chose because it works better for me.

+ Do you work with people who don’t work with clients?

I do! I've worked with clients who have moved away from 1:1 client work and into courses and digital products.

+ What type of business do you work with?

I love to work with brand and web designers — it's where I started my business, so I'm very familiar with the needs and language of that niche. I also love working with course creators and copywriters.

+ Is your retainer based on hours?

I want to be focused on doing the best job I can for you—and I’d never want that to be limited by a number of hours. I’ll do what I need to do to make sure you and your clients are well-served throughout the entire process. Because of that, I’ll take the time I need to do the job right.

I understand that your business needs will fluctuate and that some months we’ll have a lot going on and other months it’ll be quieter, but if you need me, I’ll be there.

+ I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I love answering questions! Send an email over to with any questions you have.


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