About the process

I see each client as a partnership, I don’t see you as just another client and won’t treat you as such either. I believe what you do is amazing and want to partner with you and make your business stand-out visually. That’s why I only accept 2 website or branding clients per month - so that I can focus on serving you to the best of my ability.

Why choose Lux + Vita?

One of the most mentioned subjects with our clients is their previous designer. Whether it’s that they didn’t really listen to the client or they weren’t trained on how to use their site after it was launched; that’s not how Lux + Vita works. No matter what you’ve hired us for we will listen to you and take everything you say about your project to heart. We’re not here to just crank out designs - we’re here to create custom designs that speak to your target audience. All client homework is designed to get to know who you are, what you do, who your target audience is and how we can best serve you to reach the goals you’ve set for our project together. We don’t take our homework lightly and we hope you don’t either, which is why we ask you to complete it before the project even starts so that you have plenty of time to really process the information and communicate exactly what you want in your project.

01  |  Discover

Once you fill out the contact form you’ll get an email from me with an intro packet that includes all the details about what packages and a la carte items are available. In the packet I also share more about the process, what’s included, and my payment/cancellation policies. If you decide you’d love to work with me, there’s a link at the end of the packet where you get to schedule a discovery call with me!

On our call we go over in more detail what you’re looking to hire me for, potential timeline, project cost, and a time for me to answer any questions you have. After our call I’ll send you an email recapping our conversation as well as an official proposal for your project. If you decide you want to hire me you’ll receive a contract and an invoice for the 25% deposit. From there we move on to strategy!

02  |  Strategy

You’ll receive a custom welcome packet full of great information about your project. From how we’ll communicate, to how to complete your homework, it’s packed with information to keep you informed about the process.

Before our official project start date you’ll have time to complete your homework - which includes an in-depth questionnaire and a secret Pinterest board! The questionnaire and Pinterest board helps me to understand your business better and makes sure we’re on the same page visually.


03  |  Design


It’s time to start designing your new brand! I’ll send you an email on the first day letting you know I’m reviewing your homework and starting on your concepts. Later that week, you’ll receive a curated proof of your branding concepts to choose from. Once a concept has been chosen, I’ll dive into perfecting your branding!


The time has come to design your dream website! I’ll send you an email on the first day of the project letting you know I’m reviewing your homework and starting on your site. From here I’ll work on my 3-step process for websites (Research, Design, Release), and send you links to each page for approval.

04  |  Launch


It’s time to celebrate - your new branding is ready! Your final branding elements and any additional items included in your package will be available for download in your client portal.


Once your site is finished and ready to be launched I’ll send you a link to schedule a final meeting with me. This will be a video call where we’ll go over your entire site from start to finish and do minor edits along the way (as needed). Once you approve the site, I’ll send you an email on how to launch, and then it's time to celebrate!