Let's get you setup in Mailerlite, so you can start building that list you keep hearing you need to have yesterday...for free.

I'm all for the freebies, how about you?


So you've been spending what seems like a lifetime or two trying to figure out which email marketing thing you're going to use and everyone is saying theirs is the best...but they never actually show you how to set it up.

I mean the support tutorials and trainings are great and everything but sometimes you just need someone to hand you the step by step guide to just get it done now.

You don't need to know all of the details and features right this second, you literally just want to setup your list, get that form embedded everywhere on your site, and create a welcome sequence for the newbies.


And that's exactly what you're going to learn over the next 3 days.



Setup + Lists

The bare bones basics to setting up your new MailerLite account, plus how to create lists and what lists you should probably set up right now.



Creating + Embedding Forms

How to create a subscribe form, what kinds you can use for different places on your site, and how to get them embedded on your site.



Creating a welcome sequence

New subscribers need to know what they're subscribing to, when you'll send emails, and how to stay connected with you on social media.


Ready to get started?