LV Slack Tribe


Woohoo! So glad you're interested in joining the LV Tribe on Slack! Being a creative can be lonely, especially if you work from home or you don't have friends who totally "get you" and what you do. Plus sometimes you just want some actual relationships with people who are in the same boat as you. I want to be there for you and for your business.

I want to help breathe life and light back into you - I don't want you to get discouraged or worn out because you're trying to get help from people but never hear back from them. That's where this Slack group comes in. I've seen how Facebook posts get swallowed up by having too many people in the group or by people not following the rules of the group. Plus the fact that you can't organize the posts by category drives my organizational mind up the wall!

I realized that I've always got my phone on me and that with Slack there is the ability to create channels and follow some but not others (so you don't drown in notifications) and so much more! Pretty much it's like one big ol' group message that can be organized :)

Current channels:

  • #Welcome - share a little bit about yourself and where we can follow you on social media to keep supporting you!
  • #FeelingChatty - the super random thread of basically anything that comes to mind, like...I'm currently binge watching 30 Rock while I'm working and I can't stop (and won't stop), what are your fave shows to watch?
  • #ContactList - Rather than having a channel for ISO posts, we've created a channel where you can post your contact information and the list of services you provide. So if you need help with something (website, styled shoot, second shooter, copywriter, etc.) just come to this channel and look for those with that service and then PM them through Slack. *Make sure that you add your own information to this channel!
  • #CurrentProjects - Sometimes you're in the middle of a project and you just need a second/third/fourth set of eyes or you aren't sure about how it looks exactly and you need a little help to get over that brain block.

So basically I'm just looking for a bunch of awesome friends to join me in this creative life I've chosen, and who are looking to support each other and find a little support for themselves! Sound like something you want to join in on? Fill out the form below and I'll shoot you an invite to join the LV Tribe!


This group isn't for self promotion, but if you're looking for real relationships, real help and others to share your life and business with, this may just be the thing for you.


Please complete the form below then check your email for an invite to the slack group and a welcome email from me (Liz)!

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Group Guidelines: We reserve the right to remove any comment or member from the group without notification for reasons including but not limited to:

- Not following guidelines of the overall group
- Posting spam of any kind
- Harassing or bullying anyone in any way

Posts that will be removed: 
- ISO (in search of)
- Spam
- Harassment, bullying, etc. 
- Posts that violate the privacy of others