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Dubsado Setup

So you’re sitting in one of two camps.

You just realized that you needed a place to get your invoices paid, contracts signed, forms filled out, leads captured. You know the basics. You found your solution—Dubsado! However, you don’t have time to get it setup and it’s a bit overwhelming thinking about setting something this big up on your own. I mean there’s so much to do and where to start can seem intimidating.

You’ve had Dubsado for a while but you’re not using it to the fullest, from automations in workflows to the new scheduler feature, there’s a lot to do. Whether it’s because you don’t have time or it’s a little overwhelming thinking about getting everything set up you just have the bare basics (if even that much) in there and you’re ready to get it done. Finally.

Whether you’ve never entered a single thing in Dubsado or you’ve got a fair bit in there, you’re ready to get it all in there and running smoother than a spoonful of nutella.

Investment: $850


  • 2 45-minute strategy and refinement video calls

  • Basic system setup - Brand settings, Payment processor, Email and Calendar connectivity

  • Setup up to 15 forms - 3 Contracts, 4 Proposals, 6 Questionnaires, 2 Lead Capture

  • Setup up to 3 scheduler templates (discovery call, project call, launch call etc.)

  • Update current canned emails

  • Setup 2 payment schedules (50/50, 25/50/25, etc.)

  • Setup up to 3 workflows

  • 1 60-minute post-setup training on Dubsado

  • Access to my free Facebook group for additional support and systems training

Note: Need a different ration of forms setup? No worries, pick and choose how many of each you need as long as it adds up to 10 total.


How does it work?


01 | Make it official

To start, we’ll hop on a discovery call to get a better look at your exact needs and what content you have already and what content you’ll need. After that I’ll send over a proposal for you to review as well as sign a contract and pay the full investment. From there you’ll receive a welcome packet and homework with next steps.

02 | Prep + Create

Next is homework time! During this time you’ll fill out a couple forms to get all of the content to me as well as a few detail things so I can get the rest of Dubsado setup for you. Once you’ve finished your homework I’ll review everything so we can hop on our first strategy call.

03 | Refine + Launch

After our strategy call I’ll start adding everything into Dubsado! Once everything’s in we’ll hop on our refinement call and go over what’s been setup, if there’s any tweaks that need to be made. From there I’ll refine anything we discussed on our call. Finally it’s time to CELEBRATE! I’ll send over any necessary files and you’ll be good to go!



What others have asked

+ How long does it take to get done?

This will totally depend on how much content you have and how much of that content you have ready. On average it has taken a couple weeks for clients to get all of their content together, but once I have the content I can get it added within 2 weeks. From there we have our refinement call and then depending on how much we have to tweak it could either take a day or another week. Ideally I try and make this setup as fast and painless as possible so that you can start getting things automated!

+ I use a different platform, can you setup my stuff there?

Unfortunately no, I have setup a few different CRM’s in the past but ultimately my heart is with Dubsado and I can best serve my clients when I know one system 110% rather than 50%. If you have any questions about what Dubsado can and can’t do feel free to either hop into the Dubsado support and ask them or send me an email. However, Dubsado has the most amazing, responsive support team which is why I’d recommend hopping over to them first and asking them all of your questions as they have the most experience with it ;).

+ I want to move from my current CRM to Dubsado — will you move everything over?

Yes and no - Dubsado has an amazing FREE White Glove Migration Service that I recommend clients take advantage of first and then hire me to get the rest of the system moved over. They’ll move over all of your jobs and any contacts attached to them, client data (when allowed from your CRM), invoices and payments made on the invoice, and any forms attached to projects. Once they’ve done that migration I’ll go in and grab any bookkeeping categories, templates, workflows, canned emails, tasks, payment schedule, and tracked time in your old system and add them (when necessary) to Dubsado. Currently the Migration Service with Dubsado is in Beta so the completion time for the migration isn’t 100%, but they’ll let you know when they start and when it’s ready. Once it’s ready let me know and I’ll then go in and get started on my end of the setup.


Kind Words 

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