Let’s co-work!

If you haven’t co-worked before basically it’s a time to get ish done!

You can keep your video on or off, whichever will help you be more productive and focused. We’ll keep our audio muted so that we can stay focused (and listen to music ;) without distracting anyone). If you have a quick question or issue you’re running into you can use our collective knowledge to help you get un-stuck.

During our co-working sesh we’ll start off (or whenever you arrive) with what you’re working on or hoping to accomplish. Then we’ll mute ourselves and get to work! As we get closer to the end of the session we’ll all pop back in and do a last check-in with where you’re at and what you were able to get done.

To join click the button below. You’ll be admitted to join the room shortly!

If you haven’t used Zoom before you can download it here.