How to Use Freebies Legally


Disclaimer - Please make sure to read the licenses for all products you download before using as laws change, not every license is consistent, and may differ from what is written above. Some sites have different license policies, so make sure to carefully read each site's policies before downloading any free content.


I love resources. Like loooove them. I've got several folders in Safari filled with bookmarks of resources. I also tend to live on Pinterest, and spend just a little too much time scrolling through the feed looking at things for work and for me personally.

So back to resources, I especially love the free ones. Every week I get about a dozen emails from people sharing their latest free resource and products that are available at a great discount. I've now got an arsenal of fonts, textures, images, themes, graphics and more ready to be used for projects.

The only problem though, is that it can get a little overwhelming how much there is. It's become a skill to organize all of those resources into memorable folders across my computer, Pinterest and bookmarks. 

It got me to thinking about my clients and all of the ministries and small businesses out there who are stuggling to find modern and trendy graphics to reach their audiences visually. It's one of thing things I'm asked the most about, where to find quality graphics they can use for free or at a low cost. 

There are a lot of sites out there that have fantastic graphics, images, fonts, and videos for free or for a small cost. Some of them even will send you an email each week letting you know there's new ones!

But there's something you need to learn before you download those awesome new freebies.

Types of Licenses

A lot of sites will offer you "free" downloads (images, graphics, videos, audio, etc.) but they aren't always the kind of "free" you'll be able to use for your business or ministry. There are generally 2 types of licenses - Personal and Commercial.

Many times what sites are giving away for free will only come with a "personal use" license. A personal license means you cannot us the item for any financial gain. Make sure if you're downloading anything with a personal license you're only ever using it for personal reasons!

A commercial license means you can use it where the end product could result in a financial gain. A great example of this would be apparel. If you've created a shirt for your business or ministry and you're giving them away for free to start and later down the road will sell them, you must use fonts and graphics with a commercial license.

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