How to Customize Your Instagram Bio Link


An alternative to using Linktree

One of my first blog posts was about how to use Linktree for your Instagram bio so that you could have multiple links in your bio. After a while , I realized that I didn’t need to use a third-party program to do this...I could just use my own website! What do I mean by that? I could create a page on my website that wasn’t linked anywhere on my site where I could add whatever links or information to that page I wanted and design it specifically to be viewed on mobile (since that’s where we all check our IG).

The benefits of using your own website to create your social media landing page

As a former brand designer, using your own website is a no-brainer (even though back then I didn’t even think of doing this!). By using my own website for my social media landing page I can keep the visual aspects of my brand intact...for free. Rather than using a third-party like Linktree where you’d need to pay a monthly fee to be able to use your own branding, remove Linktree branding, see in-depth analytics, and several other premium features.

One other thing I love about designing my own page is that I can use a gallery block (in Squarespace) to showcase my latest blog posts. As I post new ones it will automatically update for me, which is one less thing for me to have to do.

What’s should go on your social media landing page?

Depending on what your business is and what your goals are with Instagram, what goes on your landing page will differ. Because my goal as a website designer and VA is to get people to hire me, I want to work on my Know-Like-Trust factor, so in addition to giving people links to hire me, they can also hop on my email list or check out my latest blog posts.

Occasionally I’ll add other links on this page if one of the companies I’m an affiliate for is having a sale or there’s a webinar I’m attending that I think would benefit someone else. But for the most part, I just have links to hire me, join my email list, and check out the blog. I’ve seen people do a short intro and headshot to let people know who they are/what they do and then give them links to their top 3 things (i.e. service, blog, email list).

Want to see my social media landing page?

Check it out here:


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