How to Create an Email Welcome Sequence

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Welcome sequences are huge—it’s your chance to set the expectations for what your newest subscriber can expect from you in the future. There’s a ton of ways you can do a welcome sequence, but I’ve found that starting small is the best option especially if you haven’t made a welcome sequence yet.

Below are two emails you definitely need to have in your welcome sequence. Overall, I’d say there are 6 emails that should go in your sequence but if you’re just starting out these are the must haves in your sequence.

The Welcome Email

Once your subscriber joins your list you want to send them a welcome email, currently I’ve got mine set to go 5 minutes after the subscriber hits submit on the signup form. There’s a fine balance between sending too many emails and not enough emails. By letting people know in your welcome email to how often to expect emails from you will help them not feel like you’re spamming them or ghosting them.

What goes into a welcome email?

There are 3 parts that go into a welcome email:

  1. How often you’re sending out emails

  2. What do you write about

  3. A link to your freebie or resource library

The Follow-Up Email

Once your subscribers have gotten your welcome email, you’ll want to wait a couple days to send a follow-up.

What goes into a follow-up email?

So this part depends completely on what content you’re going to sending your clients, but generally, this follow-up email is great for introducing your subscribers to the content on your blog and/or your social media accounts.

I highly recommend sticking your favorite resources, blog posts or something of value in this email. You want to make them glad they opened the email and are on your list.

If you’d like to spread out your welcome emails, even more, you can split your follow-up email into 2 parts, one has your top 3 blog posts and the next email has them following you on social media. I know it’s going to be really tempting, but don’t sell to them in these emails. The whole point of the welcome sequence is to start building the know, like and trust factors with them, so save your selling for future emails once they’ve gotten to know you a little bit more. If you’re really wanting to start selling to them in these emails the best way you could do this is to point them to a blog post where you wrap up the post by selling to them. For example, if you’re a photographer and you send them to a blog post about how to prepare for your session you could totally have a line in there about hiring you. This way you’re not directly selling to them in the welcome sequence, but introducing them to you and then using your content to sell to them.

How to write an email welcome sequence for new subscribers #welcomeseqence #welcomeemail #copywriting

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