5 Ways to Use Linktree for Instagram

5 Ways to Use Linktree for Instagram | Lux + Vita

Making the most out of your Instagram bio link

I used to struggle with the fact that Instagram didn’t allow you to add clickable links in your post captions or comments, or that you only could have one link in your bio. But then I discovered Linktree. Linktree houses multiple links (and tracks them!) so that you can utilize the single bio link available in Instagram to its fullest potential. Below I've outlined my 5 favorite ways to use Linktree for Instagram.

For Lux + Vita I have a free account (because who doesn’t love free!). They do have a pro account, but because of how many features the free account has, I don’t currently see a need to upgrade. With the free account, you’re able to have unlimited links in your bio which is the biggest reason I chose to use them. You also get to see how many people have clicked on that link which is great for tracking your analytics!


01  |  Your latest blog post

This is probably one of the biggest reasons to have Linktree - you can add a link to your latest blog post or even just the general blog page. If you do want to have the link go to your latest blog post you will need to update it in Linktree manually, but if you have it set for the page that holds all of your blog posts, you won’t need to continue updating Linktree.

02 | Schedule a session or call

Depending on what kind of business you have, you may want to add a link for people to set up an appointment or call with you. For photographers, this is a great way to easily get people to sign up for your mini sessions! Personally, I have a link to my appointments page on my website where people can schedule a call with me.

03 | View services

A lot of times in my IG posts I’ll talk about the different services Lux + Vita offers and tell the reader to check the link in my bio to learn more about my services. It’s an easy way to direct them to the services page without them having to scroll through my site looking for a specific page with the different services.

04 | Follow on another social media platform

A lot of my business friends have Facebook groups for specific groups of people, like calligraphers or web designers. This is a great opportunity to share with your followers what other social media platforms you’re on. In the past, I’ve added a link to the Lux + Vita Pinterest account because in my post I was sharing about how to create mood boards using Pinterest. 

05 | Subscribe to your email

This is a big one! If all social media platforms were to disappear tomorrow (knock on wood), how would you talk with your audience? Emphasis on email marketing has become a huge thing recently in a lot of my circles which is why I’m trying to be better at it myself and teaching my clients how to set up theirs as well. If people are enjoying your Instagram posts and want to know more about you, read your emails etc. the best thing you can do for them is to add a link in your Linktree page for them to subscribe.


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