5 Steps to Defining Your 3 Content Themes

how to create blog content themes

How to not stop getting stuck with what to write about on your blog

I'm a part of a pretty amazing online community called Launch Brand Grow, in fact, I feel like I'm always trying to bring it up in conversations with other creatives because it's just that amazing. Being a creative (and a business owner) is tough stuff, there are times when your friends and family don't understand what you're doing or going through and you just need people around you who get it. You need people to bounce ideas off of, to give you that support that you've been looking for. To encourage you and cheer you on as you step into a new phase of your business. 

So when Kyrsten of Copper Kettle Co asked if I'd like to do a guest post, I was like um...heck yeah!

Over on the Copper Kettle blog I'm diving deep into content creation — more specifically about the 5 steps you need to take to define your 3 content themes so that you're never stuck with what to write about on your blog. Or social media. Or to your email list.

Because I'm all about getting stuff done and taking action on what you read, in this blog post you're going to want to grab something to write on or pop open that Google Doc because you're going to do some work! Within each of the 5 steps you're going to have multiple mini-action steps where you're going to define your goals and audience for wherever you're putting out content. You're then going to dive into actually figuring out the topics that you want to talk about and from there you'll discover what your 3 primary content themes are.

It's a pretty big post and filled with lots of stuff, so grab a notebook and pop on over there! Oh and did I mention that in that post I'm giving away a free content planning guide??

How to define your content themes

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