3 More Reasons I use MailerLite

3 Reasons to Use Mailer Lite for capturing email subscribers  #howtousemailchimp #emailmarketing #howtosendemails #automateemails #welcomesequence

Ready for part 2 of this MailerLite mini-series? Awesomeeee! If you haven’t yet read part 1 of this series you can do that right here.

01 | Auto-resend

So you know how sometimes you send an email and it gets really low opens? There’s a lot of reasons like...your subscribers aren’t checking their inboxes, your emails are going to spam, or rather than just unsubscribing they’re just deleting the emails before they open them. One option you have is to set up your emails to auto resend after a period of time if they haven’t opened your email.

If you’re looking to do that there’s a great help article on MailerLite for how to do this. To not look spammy (and honestly just don’t be spammy) you can change the subject of your email and put a message that reminds them to open the email - you’ll want to do this especially if you’ve got a time-sensitive offer in there.

With MailerLite you’re able to resend your emails to subscribers who haven’t opened your email just yet. If you’ve already sent the email out and didn’t setup the auto-resend, they do have a workaround to help you send emails to those you’ve already sent an email to. Need to resend that email you’ve already sent? Learn more about how to do that here.

02 | Automation

My favorite feature about MailerLite? Hands down its automation. With automation, you can send your subscribers a welcome sequence when they join your list, create other email sequences for when you’re selling a product or course, or even send an email celebrating a certain date (i.e. wedding, birthday, etc.).

If you haven’t yet set up a welcome sequence for your subscribers you really should. Like now. Well, wait til you’re done reading this post then go and make a welcome sequence for your subscribers.

There are 2 basic emails you want to be sending in your welcome sequence: the welcome/intro email and the follow-up. There are some people who have a bigger welcome sequence than this, but if you’re like me or just starting out with all of this, 2 is the perfect number to get started with. Honestly, you don’t want to overwhelm your new follower with a ton of emails right off the bat. Need more details on what to put in your welcome sequence? Check out this post that goes into more detail about what should go in your welcome sequence—it’ll even come with swipe files that you can use for your own welcome sequence.

03 | Segments

And last but not least, segments or filters. From your subscriber's list (group) you’re able to create different filters (segments) that help you to send emails or create reports for specific types of subscribers. Segments are lists that automatically update, for instance, if you wanted to send an email only to those who joined your list within the last 30 days you’d create a segment and as soon as a subscriber had been on your list for 31 days, they’d get taken off that segment because it was no longer true. All of your subscribers when they join your list, are joining a group. From that group, you can add them to multiple segments based on their signup form answers, location, date subscribed, etc.

Segments are great for if you’re wanting to send emails to a very specific group of people with certain requirements. The biggest thing to note is that the more segmented you want to be, the more questions you may need to ask on your signup form (or in your welcome sequence).

Wrapping it up

MailerLite is a fantastic email marketing tool to use especially when you’re first starting out. There are a lot of other programs you can use (and I’ve tried almost all of them), and my current favorite is MailerLite. The biggest reason being how easy it is for me to use. If you haven’t yet checked out MailerLite for your email list, you should, and if you have any questions about how I use MailerLite or if it can do what you need it to do, drop a comment below, I’m here to help!

3 Reasons I use MailerLite to send emails to my list  #emaillist #emailmarketing #mailerlite #welcomesequence

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