Your Ultimate List of Design Freebies

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Everyone loves a good deal don't they? It's why there's always a sale on major holidays, a clearance section at the store, a BOGO, and my favorite, the dollar section at Target! 

It shouldn't be a surprise that there's a ton of amazing design resources on the internet; but a lot of people don't know where to look, what words to type into Google, which is where I come in. When I started designing over seven years ago I had no clue how to design some of the things I needed to for my job. Which is when I started researching places that had those design resources I so desperately needed to do my job. Ever since then I've been bookmarking those pages, signing up for their email lists and using their resources when my skills aren't enough.

So I wanted to share with you the resources I've been blessed to find, in hopes that your life is a little less stressed when it comes to design!

'til next time!

P.S. My desire is to continue adding to this list as I discover more resources I think you'd love. So make sure to bookmark this post as I'll continue to update the list as I find new resources!



Updated 09/2018



  • It's important to be aware of copyright laws and licenses that are on images, videos, fonts and designs. You always want to make sure that when you're picking a font, image, video, etc. to post that there are no copyrights or licenses on it.
  • If the font, graphic or image says "for personal use only" you cannot use it if you are or may receive monetary gain from the end product it is used with.
  • *Affiliate Link - read our affiliate/referral link disclosure here
    • Creative Market - When someone clicks our link and signs up for a Creative Market account, we earn 10% of every purchase you make for the next year. Note that this only works for new users. If existing Creative Market users click our links, we won't generate any income from them.
    • Moo - When someone clicks our link and orders any product from, you receive $15 off your first order, and we receive $15 to spend at
    • Lightstock - For every new customer we bring to Lightstock using our affiliate link, we earn 10% on every purchase you make for a year.
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