Lux + Vita Update



As our business has grown and evolved over the last 6 months, we have come to realize that our name and visual branding for Golden Poppy Design no longer fit us.

You're probably wondering, what's the meaning behind the name? Are your services or prices changing? What else is going to change?

What's the meaning of Lux + Vita?

Pronounced (Lux and Vita). Latin for light and life, Lux + Vita is for small businesses and non profits who need help bringing life to their business through branding, print and website design. It also represents our mission to show the light of Christ wherever we go and to bring life to those we meet. Our goal isn't to shove our beliefs down your throat, and if you know us, that simply isn't our style. We simply want to show the love of Christ by serving you. So that's it, our goal is to serve and love you and bring a little more light and life into your business but more importantly, you.

Are your services changing?

We want to assure you that we will continue to be the full service graphic design business you've come to know and love. We are definitely still offering all of the same (if not more) graphic design services, branding and web design that we did as Golden Poppy Design. In the near future we're going to be adding a consulting service for those who have questions about how we run our business, tips and tricks for what we do and more. Think of it like a pick your brain session on steroids, where you'll leave with your questions answered and an armful of tools to promote your business or ministry!

What else is going to change?

In the future we're going to be writing blog posts that speak specifically to your pain points when it comes to graphic design, branding and web design. Actually, add social media in there too! We understand that you don't always have a budget to pay someone to create or manage those aspects of your business/ministry, and we want to help! We'll be writing posts that give you tangible ways to tackle those problems you're facing.

Whew. That was a lot of information wasn't it? Sorry 'bout that. Basically, we want to be as much of a help as we possibly can to bring light and life to what you do. If there are any topics that you'd like to see covered in our blog posts let us know, that's who that blog is going to be!

So, if you've got a topic you'd love to see me write about (social media questions, graphic design tips, types of gifts to give new guests/customers, etc.) fill out the form below.

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Liz Strong

Lux + Vita, Texas

Hey, I'm Liz. I help small businesses and non-profits create solid brands by designing logos, websites, and graphics to enhance their online and social media presence.

I have worked in the non-profit sector as a designer for over 5 years. Over the past 5 years, I have worked as a freelance designer, a graphic designer for a regional church denomination office, and until 2016, I worked as the Communications Director for a multi-site church in New Hampshire. I currently co-own and design for Lux + Vita, a full service graphic design company