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It's been a crazy ride since rebranding! I've been learning to step out of my comfort zone and take a leap by reaching out to those who are asking for help. I'm a part of the Rising Tide Society, and their Facebook group which currently has over 58k members (!). While scrolling through the feed one day, I saw a post from Ashley looking for someone to help bring her logo concept to life. I decided to go for it and comment on the thread letting her know I'd love to help - shortly after posting the comment I got a message from Ashley and we were off! Ashley had drawn up a couple concepts she wanted for her logo as well as a color palette, so we were able to skip a lot of the homework I'd normally walk someone through. One of the most exciting things about doing her logo was that she wanted it to be watercolor - something I personally hadn't had the opportunity to do for a client yet! Ashley was the sweetest client a designer could ever hope to have!