about liz

First off, anytime people ask, "so tell me about yourself" I cringe, scrunch my face up and try and get it over soon as I can. I'm not a big fan of talking about myself which is why I've opted for a nice list of Love Em's and Hate Em's. I just think it's a more fun way of learning about me than reading paragraphs of boring text.

My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time.
— unknown

Love Em'

  • My hubby
  • Delta (or dog dog as I tend to call him)
  • Telling corny dad jokes
  • Chai + Earl Grey + Diet Coke
  • "Hiking" (more like slowly walking up a mountain)
  • Classical Music + Movie Scores (typically anything by Hans Zimmer or Steve Jablonsky)

Hate em'

  • Eggs
  • Coffee
  • Working out
  • Humidity
  • The color pink
  • Rap/Pop Music
  • Small talk (major ISFJ over here)

Yup.. that's pretty much me in a nutshell. But if you're wanting to know more about me or my business/work background feel free to send me an email :)

What Does Lux + Vita mean?

Pronounced Lux and Veeta

Latin for light and life, Lux + Vita is for small businesses and non profits who need help bringing life to their business through branding, print and website design. It also represents my mission to show the light of Christ wherever I go and to bring life to those I meet. My goal isn't to shove my beliefs down your throat, and if you know me, that simply isn't my style. I simply want to show the love of Christ by serving you. So that's it, my goal is to serve and love you and bring a little more light and life into your business but more importantly, you.

But Really,

I love helping others get their business or ministry where they want it to be. With my 8+ years of experience serving local churches, I understand how hard it can be to design things that speak to who you and and your audience. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the budget, and I want to be there to help! Which is why I have a discount available for all non profit organizations; because I understand the struggles you have and the goals you're trying to achieve. Just let me know if you're a non profit and I'll add the discount to your project!