Lux + Vita is a full service design business serving nonprofits and creative entrepreneurs.


I've worked with nonprofits and creatives for over 7 years, and that one thing they have in common? 


They all want to reach their target audience.


My clients typically come to me in one of three spots.

  1. They know exactly what they want but don't know how to bring that vision to life.
  2. They'll 'know what they want when they see it' (while I'm not a mind reader, I've got a pretty great process that will feel like I just did).
  3. They don't have the time or the skills to design something that will reach their audience and visually represent them in the best way possible.


That's why I'm here. To serve you. To bring light + life to your business through branding, web + graphic design.

Yeah that's great and all...but How do You do that?

Great question! I do this by providing classic, traditional and minimalistic-style designs that clearly communicate your message in a unique way. I love learning about how businesses are reaching their target audience, and where they're struggling in marketing to them. I take that knowledge and create a unique design that speaks directly to the visual needs of your audience. Plus, I know you don't have all the time in the world because if you did you probably would be learning how to design your own stuff right? So why not let me do all the heavy lifting while you do what you actually want to do?


I'm Liz, believer, wife, and chai tea enthusiast! I'm also the designer over at Lux + Vita.

Since 2010 I've been serving others in any way I can through design. I love working with nonprofits and small businesses, especially other creatives!

As someone who worked in the nonprofit world for 7 years and has been a business owner for 1 year, I know that you don't have a money tree growing in the other room that you can use to pay a designer to make everything you need.

Which is why I've chosen to work with people like you - because I know how hard it is to try and get those funds together so that you can reach more clients and actually grow your business. And because I know just how important visually appealing designs are in communicating your message to the right people.

I want you to be free to do what it is you started your business to do - whether it was photography, sharing the Gospel, helping people manage their finances, or even helping other creatives or business owners get connected. I want to get you out of the weeds of what you don't want to do and into the things you love.

I love being able to offer branding, website, design and virtual assistant services to others at a rate they can afford. Why? Because I know how hard it is getting that money together and how desperately you don't want to have to create something only to pay someone to do it better later. I'd rather help you stop wasting your time and limited resources, and get what you need done right the first time. I'd love to be the one to help you get what you need designed right the first time while keeping you within budget!


5 Fun facts about Liz

01  |  I've lived in California, New Hampshire and Texas.

02  |  I worked at Starbucks off and on for years (starting way back in high school) yet I hate coffee. Go figure.

03  |  There's a 99% chance that I've got a cup of earl grey or chai tea in my hand right now.

04  |  My favorite co-worker is my rescue dog, Delta, who can be found sleeping under my chair or in the closet behind all of my clothes.

05  |  The first thing I ever designed was a real estate brochure when I was 14. I'm definitely glad I don't have the files now or I'd probably cry at the fonts I chose.

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What Does Lux + Vita mean?

Pronounced “Lucks and Veet-a”

Latin for light and life, Lux + Vita is for creative entrepreneurs and non profits who need help bringing life to their business through branding, print and website design. It also represents my mission to show the light of Christ wherever I go and to bring to those I meet, quality service. I just want to show the love of Christ by serving you. So that’s it, my goal is to serve and bring a little more light and life into your business.

Hey Non Profits!


I love helping others get their business or ministry where they want it to be. With my 7+ years of experience serving local churches, I understand how hard it can be to design things that speak to who you and and your audience. Sometimes you just don't have the time or the budget, and I want to be there to help! Which is why I have a discount available for all nonprofit organizations; because I understand the struggles you have and the goals you're trying to achieve. Just let me know if you're a nonprofit and I'll add the discount to your project!